Thursday, February 27, 2014

Get it Right! Taking a Best Possible Medication History.

Obtaining a best possible medication history, or BPMH, is an important step in medication reconciliation. The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare recently released a training video that guides clinicians on how to obtain an accurate and complete BPMH. By the end of the video, clinicians should be able to:

  •  explain how to obtain and record a BPMH
  •  explain why at least two sources of information are used to obtain the BPMH
  •  understand how medication history taking techniques can influence the accuracy of the BPMH
  •  recognise when medication reconciliation should occur and why it is important.

Designed for medical, nursing and pharmacy staff, the video includes a short, role play scenario which highlights the steps in taking a BPMH and provides important tips when reviewing sources of medicines information.
The video can be accessed via the Commission’s YouTube channel.

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