23 March 2017

Close the Gap - Progress & Priorities report 2017

Despite closing the gap being a national bipartisan priority for over 10 years, it appears that Australian governments at all levels are failing Australia’s First Peoples. As shown by the recent report of the Australian National Audit Office regarding the Indigenous Advancement Strategy, across nearly every government funded program, initiative or portfolio responsibility there is a continuation of imposed, unengaged and often rushed service delivery. It is especially concerning that the target to halve the gap in child mortality by 2018 is not on track and that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child mortality did not improve significantly over the period 2008-2015.

The most recent Closing the Gap report is made up of 3 parts:
  •  Progress in Closing the Gap
  •  A new Relationship
  •  Priorities for Action
Close the Gap – Progress and Priorities Report 2017The Close the Gap Campaign Steering Committee, February 2017.  

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