23 March 2017

Greater nurse autonomy associated with lower mortality

This study published in the Journal of Nursing Scholarship provides evidence that when nurses do not have the ability to exercise their clinical and organisational knowledge, patient safety is put at risk. A professional work environment links to improved patient, personnel and organisational outcomes.
Therefore, it is possible that healthcare organisations are responsible for providing the necessary means for nurses to act autonomously by: formulating clear roles, responsibilities and behaviours; enhancing competence in practice and decision-making; using shared governance organisational structures; and by creating strong visible leadership.

Rao, Aditi D, Kumar, Aparna, McHugh, Matthew. (2017). Better Nurse Autonomy Decreases the Odds of 30-Day Mortality and Failure to Rescue. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 49(1), 73-79 (this article is freely available to MNCLHD staff)   

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