05 May 2017

Is Australia prepared for the next pandemic?

Infectious diseases are a continuing threat to global health, and planning for an effective response to the next pandemic is very complex. This article in Medical Journal of Australia has been written by experts in infectious disease and epidemiology and it outlines the requirements for public health experts, clinicians, diagnostic laboratory staff, federal agencies and others to work together with strong leadership to respond to any new pandemic.  Every country needs to be prepared.  

The authors conclude that "Australia has many pieces of the plan in place, but we must continue to fill gaps, test and refine existing systems and continually review what works to make sure we are as ready as possible for the next emerging infectious disease challenge."

McVernon, J., Sorrell, T.C., Firman, J., Murphy, B. & Lewin, R (2017). Is Australia prepared for the next pandemic?. Medical Journal of Australia 206 (7): 284-6

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