Monday, September 03, 2012

Health Awareness website

This very useful website has been created by HAPI, Health Awareness Project Information.  It's an Australian site, but includes global information.  Set up by Bonnie Heim, a medical librarian (so it must be good),  each month has a list of events around the world related to health.  For example, this week in Australia it's Spina Bifida Awareness Week, National Asthma Week and National Child Protection Week (among others), while it's Migraine Awareness Week in the UK and MS Awareness Week in New Zealand.  Each date links to the sites responsible for events.  You can also click on the PINTERST button to go to posters and videos related to the weeks and days listed.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning my site! It's had almost 5000 views now from 70 different countries!

Sally Toms said...

Was just going back through the old comments. That's fantastic you got increased traffic!